Sewer Clean Up is Important
Sewage Cleanup, Water Damage

Sewer Clean Up is Important

A clogged or backed up sewer can be annoying and unhealthy to you. It can happen to anyone at any time so everyone should know how to act immediately after this happens. Without a proper and fast response, damages can double what they already are. So the first thing you should do after you notice the problem is to respond to it fast.

Causes of sewer clogs
This problem can be caused by some factors. When the sewer line has been used for a long time, clogs can happen often. This is due to the day to day usage of the sewer line. Other causes may be a root system encroaching the sewer line causing a blockage. Any other objects that enter the sewer line that wasn’t intended can cause the sewer to block and start leaking.

Common signs
You can begin to see some basic signs of a blocked sewer line. The most common sign is an overflowing toilet. If you flush your toilet but the water and waste aren’t flowing, then the sewer line may be blocked. An overflowing drainage system is also another sign. You can also so the signs on you sink. If the water doesn’t go down something is wrong.

Unusual sounds coming from the toilet when you flush it is also a sign of a blocked sewer. Even if the water doesn’t come back, but you get an unpleasant smell that can also tell you something is wrong in the sewer line.

Harmful effects of a clogged sewer line
Sometimes the effects may go unnoticed until a bigger problem emerges. The first and most common effect is the destruction of your home. When the sewer line overflows inside your home, it destroys your property. This usually happens to your furniture and your walls. Everywhere that this dirty water goes, it destroys.

Another harmful effect is the danger of diseases. The water is full of waste and toxic materials. If it gets mixed with clean water without your knowledge, you can consume it and contract diseases such as cholera.

When the problem is left unsolved, more problems can arise. The immediate problem to follow is the growth of mold. Mold brings more health hazards you should avoid at all times. It also reduces the value of your home if you ever want to sell it. Nobody wants a house full of mold. Therefore, you should take care of the problem as soon as it occurs.

How to deal with a Clogged Sewer Line
It is advisable to hire professionals to deal with the problem. This is because sewer water is very toxic and can cause you harm if not handled well. There are many companies offering sewer clean-up services. You can choose one that is near you and has the best-qualified technicians and the best tools to handle the job.

For minor sewer problems, the experts come with a long metal tube called and auger. This metal tube is long and flexible enough to enter your sewer line and go through the corner up to where the problem is. After it gets to the problem, it pushes whatever is blocking the line and fixes the problem. This process can take just a few minutes when done by experts.

The auger doesn’t necessarily clean your sewer. So the most effective solution is to get the high-pressure hose. When the experts insert in your sewer line, it fixes the blockage and removes any residue that is in the sewer line. This procedure is a bit expensive but very effective.

Keeping your sewer clean
Homeowners can prevent and keep the sewer clean by carrying out some preventive measures. Usually, many sewer problems come from inside the house. You can install a catch-all that prevents hair from going into the drain and pipes. While working in the kitchen avoid putting things that can go down and block the pipes. Ensure only toilet paper is flushed down the toilets.

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