Southwest Flooding
Flood Damage

Southwest Flooding

On a more serious note, flash flooding continues to slam some of our western states. Arizona and Nevada have seen some of the worst flooding in years with record-setting floods. As reported by CNN, two deaths were blamed on flash flooding as a result of Hurricane Norbert that hit Mexico last weekend. The storm continues to cause problems across the country.

Most flash flooding deaths occur when people try to drive through flooded areas or become trapped in their cars when driving and flash flooding occurs. In Arizona, floodwaters rushed in so quickly that cars were swept away within minutes. It’s a very scary situation.

The first rule of surviving flash flooding is to never drive through already existing floodwaters. It’s impossible to tell how deep a puddle is or how fast the water beneath it is moving. Turn around and go another way.

If you aren’t able to turn back, exit the vehicle and seek higher ground as quickly as possible. Staying inside a vehicle that is taking on floodwaters is not a safe place to be. Don’t waste time gathering belongings. The contents of your purse or glove box can be replaced.

If you’re unable to exit your vehicle and aren’t wearing it already, put your seatbelt on. If your car stays afloat, the rushing waters may push it into other objects – which can even cause your airbag to go off. Protect yourself however you can until help arrives.

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