Spring Water Damage Preparations
Water Damage

Spring Water Damage Preparations

With spring just around the corner many people are ready for warmer weather, however it is important to make sure that you are also prepared for the heavy rain season. During March, April and May heavy rains are very common throughout most parts of the U.S.  Unfortunately, along with the heavy rains comes flooding and water damage. It is important to take the appropriate steps to make sure water intrusion is not a problem for your home.

An important aspect in keeping your home dry is taking the time to make sure that all drains, gutters and pipes are working appropriately.  Taking the time to make sure the outside of your house is in order will be a big part in making sure that the inside of your house stays dry.

  • Clear the Gutters- It is important to clean out all the gutters on your house before heavy rain occurs. Signs that you have clogged gutters include dripping and overflowing water at inappropriate spots of the house as well as a lack of water coming out of your spouts. Cleaning out gutters will allow water to be appropriately redirected away from your house.
  • Check the Spouts- During the fall and winter often times the spouts to your house can be damaged or ripped off completely due to storms and heavy winds. It is important to make sure the spouts are securely attached to your house as well as the gutters. If you are unsure that the gutters or spouts are working correctly you can take a running hose to the roof and make sure water flows appropriately.
  • Direct Water Away from the House- It is important to make sure that waterspouts are directing water far enough away from the house. Often times people only have water directed a few feet away from the house. This can create a problem in times of high precipitation because the ground around your house will not be able to absorb all the rain, resulting in sitting water at the base of your home. If necessary it is important to have spouts lead rainwater a few yards away from the house.
  • Check the Foundation- Over time all homes will have cracks or fractures in the foundation, it is just unknown when these problems will arise. For this reason it is important to check the foundation of your home and the walls of your basement for signs of cracks or fractures every spring. If any damage is noticed a flood damage company should be called to determine actions for restoration.

No matter what the scenario is, it is important to take the time to prepare for water damage prevention before spring arrives. Taking the time to prevent water damage will ultimately save you a lot of time and money in the future, by avoiding water restoration plans.

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