Tropical Storm Andrea Makes Landfall Today
Storm Damage

Tropical Storm Andrea Makes Landfall Today

The first named tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season is expected to come ashore in Florida today along the Big Bend of Florida, bringing drenching rain to much of the state coupled with the threat of tornadoes.  As of late Thursday afternoon, Tropical Storm Andrea was packing winds of up to 65 mph and moving to the northeast at a speed of 17 mph.

The storm is expected to weaken after landfall and will move up the eastern seaboard throughout Friday and Saturday. Communities in the storm’s path can expect locally heavy rains, brief gusty winds, and some measure of flooding risk. Flood watches have been issued from Georgia to Maine.

Major downpours are expected around Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Hartford, And Portland, Maine.  Most of these locations can expect rainfall amounts from 2-4 inches, although some areas may experience more severe rainfall.

While Andrea is not expected to strengthen into a hurricane, it did spawn at least seven tornadoes across Florida on Thursday, and tornado watches remain in effect for several areas of the Sunshine State.

Florida residents are used to tropical storm and hurricane warnings, spending nearly half of each year in the crosshairs of any number of storms that blow up out of the Atlantic basin.  “In Florida, it’s very common to have tropical storm warnings and watches,” said Zephyrhills City Manager Jim Drumm. “We’ll probably see some low-level flooding, and we’ll probably get some high winds, but we’re probably the furthest inland city in Pasco County. We won’t see the difficulty that the coastal surge can make.”

Tropical storm warnings remain in effect for much of the Florida west coast and for the East Coast from Flagler Beach all the way to Cape Charles Light in Virginia. The storm has already produced drenching in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula as well as western Cuba. The effects of Andrea have caused more than 13 inches of rain in Bahia Cuba since Monday.

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