Winter Power Outages
Water Damage

Winter Power Outages

Winter is almost here! With it, we expect some will experience freezing pipes and water damage caused by ice dams and melting snow on those rare days when temperatures skyrocket. Winter storms also bring power outages. Power outages in the summer differ quite a bit from power outages during winter months. Instead of opening windows to allow air circulation in a stuffy house, you’d want to keep your home shut tight to keep warmth in.

Here are some other power outage tips for winter months!

  • Keep flashlights, batteries, and a battery-powered radio on hand with a first aid kit, change of clothing, nonperishable food and water supplies. In addition, throw a few extra blankets in the car in case you need to leave for some reason or in case you’re ever stranded in cold weather.
  • If you’re using a generator, it should be placed several feet away from the outside of your home. Never run a generator inside the home or in the garage. This can be fatal due to the toxic fumes.
  • Keep your refrigerator closed. Not only will it lose the temperature it’s trying to retain to keep food fresh, it’ll bring colder air into the home. Obviously, it can be opened if you need to get food out, but don’t linger.
  • Make sure to keep your cell phone charged and keep a separate, battery-powered charger. Use the phone sparingly in case of an emergency.
  • Keep warm by wearing multiple layers of clothing and staying under blankets. Do not try to heat your home with any type of fire inside the home. This can be extremely dangerous.
  • If you need to drive in inclement weather, proceed cautiously and be sure to bring your emergency supplies in case you become stuck.

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