Appliance Fires
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Appliance Fires

A friend of mine recently experienced a refrigerator fire.  I wasn’t even aware a refrigerator could randomly catch on fire, but apparently, this happens.  Thankfully, she was walking by the fridge, heard a pop, and smelled smoke immediately – so she and her family are safe and the fire was put out immediately.  It got me thinking, though, how often do our appliance spontaneously combust??  (Okay, they don’t spontaneously combust, but they do have internal problems that sometimes cause fires.)

According to Consumer Reports, tens of thousands of fires are caused by appliances each year.  Most times we aren’t aware that there is an issue with an appliance until it’s too late.  This is why it’s a good idea to have working smoke detectors in the house.  It’s also a great idea to stay abreast of recalls.  Take the time to fill out the little card when you buy an appliance because this can potentially save your life!

Fire damage restoration is what we do when these mishaps do occur.  This includes cleaning all of the damage caused by fire and restoring your property to its pre-loss condition.  Smoke damage and soot often end up in places you can’t see and can cause structural damage to your home if not cleaned up quickly and thoroughly.  It is also important to contact fire restoration companies quickly because it is possible that hidden smoldering remnants could be causing toxic fumes to be released into your home.

With fire and smoke damage usually comes water damage as fire is often put out either by sprinkler systems or water from another route.  Our fire restoration company is also equipped to handle water damage issues as well.  Excess water needs to be removed and your property needs to be dried quickly before mold becomes an issue.  Just like smoke and soot, water can reach places you can’t see and our techs are experts at finding all water damage and restoring your property to its original condition.

Appliance fires can not only cause thousands and thousands of dollars in damage to your home, but they can also cost you your life.  Have appliances checked yearly to make sure they are working properly, and don’t hesitate to contact an appliance repair tech if you suspect something may be wrong with your appliance – even if it is in working order.

Note:  If an appliance related fire does occur in your home, call the fire department immediately and get out.  Do not attempt to put the fire out with water since appliance related fires are considered electrical fires.

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