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Merry Christmas From Restoration Local!

Merry Christmas From Restoration Local!

As the Christmas season hits its stride the next couple of days, people will be enjoying time with family and friends, some of which may entail some traveling to distant towns, leaving your own home or business unattended for a period of several days.  The last thing you want is to come home to a water damage catastrophe, so here is a final checklist of things you need to do before beginning your own holiday merriment.

–          If you are leaving, shut off the water to your home at the source. By doing so and draining the pipes, there is no chance of any overflows or burst pipes occurring. Be sure to drain all outdoor water spigots and hoses as well.

–          Turn up the heat slightly as this will keep stagnant air moving around and cut down on the likelihood of a mold problem cropping up in your absence.

–          Unplug and unhook all electronics. This will protect them from power surges or problems associated with power outages while you are away. Remember that these units continue to use electricity even in your absence, and while they are shut off, so unplugging them is an excellent way to cut down on your power bill.

–          Put your household lights on a timer, as this will create the illusion of your home being occupied, this eliminating, or drastically reducing the threat of burglary during your absence.

–          Perform a thorough inspection of your gutters, downspouts, and drainage systems. By making sure that all passages are unclogged and in good operating condition, you reduce the chances for errant water creating a flood scenario in or around your home.

These common sense approaches are simple to execute and can prevent serious and expensive water damage problems for any home or business.

From everyone at Restoration Local, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!