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Removing Smoke Damage After A Fire

Restoring your home after a fire is a long and potentially costly process. It must be done with a plan of action to avoid inflicting more damage on your property. The first step to repairing your home after a fire simple.  Settle down and figure out a plan of action. Call your insurance company, find a restoration company, and consult with any authorities about the proper procedures. Think about where you are going to live while your home is under construction and take care of your family. Remember not to approach your property until your local fire department or government authority has deemed it safe. Fire damage is hazardous even after actual flames have been extinguished.

After fire or smoke damage, there are a few things that must be done. Soot and ashes are carcinogenic materials and need to be removed prior to human habitation. When cleaning up, the first step is to blow or vacuum as much loose soot and ash as you can, attempting to clear most surfaces and removes it. Get your area aired out as soon as possible and dry out any wet areas. After a fire, you will suffer damage from both fire and water, in addition to chemicals used to put out fires, soot, and ashes. If it is warm, you may run the risk of compounding your problems with mildew and mold growth if you do not dry everything out quickly. Do not use additional water or cleaning liquids without specifically consulting a professional as it may exacerbate the soot problem.

Drapes, carpets, and upholstery are especially difficult to clean properly. If there are any untouched areas, cover them immediately to avoid contamination and further soiling. Often it may be necessary to send any soiled fabrics to a professional dry cleaners specializing in smoke damage. You should assess all items within your home, from personal property to the building’s construction materials. Use this list in combination with an insurance appraiser’s in order to determine what is salvageable in the best possible scenario.

Time is essential in after house fires. In many cases a lot of your property will have to be discarded, although some things can be cleaned and restored. Common advice includes discarding any open food packages or exposed edibles and remembering to clean out the refrigerator and freezer if your power was shut off. In general, everything in your home will have to be cleaned, from the floors and carpets to the leaves on your indoor plants.

Oftentimes even the air itself should be monitored. Covering vents and A/C intakes with damp cheesecloth is effective at removing remaining ash in the environment. This step is something that professional fire restoration companies can help you with, as they are conscious of the need to clean up quickly and thoroughly in the wake of a fire.

After taking care of the general clean up of your home, it is necessary to deodorize the entire area. Professional fire restorers often use counteractants – chemicals or additives that can break up smoke particles to help eliminate orders. Professional dry cleaners who specialize in smoke damage may be able to do this as well. An ozone scrubber may also be used to help remove smoke molecules and odors, which involves a enclosed area and an ozone generator. Most over-the-counter household deodorizing sprays and disinfectants are only useful as temporary relief from offending odors. Occasionally, smoke molecules and these sprays interact to create a foul odor of their own. If you are unable to utilize a professional textile or dry cleaner, you might consider trying dishwashing detergent solutions or trisodium phosphate and bleach solutions. Consult a professional before using any of these ingredients in order to obtain proper instruction on usage. Smoke and fire damage has long last effects on the areas that it afflicts.

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