Tornado Season Is Here
Storm Damage

Tornado Season Is Here

For most of us, tornado season runs April to October.  The Midwest is known for tornadoes and tornado alley, but tornadoes can spring up just about anywhere if conditions are right.   Not much is known about tornadoes except that they commonly appear when moist, warm air meets cool, dry air and winds go haywire.  What we do know is that they occur very quickly with very little warning time to prepare.  The storm damages caused by tornadoes can be deadly so it’s best to be prepared.

What to do when tornado alarms sound:

A tornado warning means a tornado has been spotted in your area.  This doesn’t mean conditions are right – it means it is here and you need to act fast.  There’s really only one thing you need to do and that is to get to shelter immediately.  What shelter?  A basement is ideal.  If you don’t have a basement, go to the lowest level of your house or the building you are in and find an interior room with no walls that connect to the outside – preferably a bathroom or closet.  Stay away from windows.  Most deaths from tornadoes are caused from flying debris so keep your head and neck covered with your hands.  If you’re outside and unable to get indoors, find the lowest surface you can find (such as a ditch) and lie flat while covering your head.

If you’re in your car and tornado alarms sound, try to seek indoor shelter asap.  If you’re unable to find shelter, find a ditch.  If the tornado is close enough that conditions don’t allow you to leave your car, buckle up!  And leave your car running in case large debris hits it – it’ll trigger your air bags.  Again, cover your head and neck.

Tornadoes usually only last a few minutes so hang tight until it’s over.  After the storm, be aware of the dangers that exist.  Gas leaks, downed electrical lines, and debris such as broken tree limbs and broken glass can be just as deadly as the storm itself.  If you have any concerns of gas leaks or exposed electrical lines, call the fire department immediately.  For all other storm-related damage contact our teams for immediate assistance.

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