Winter Tornadoes in the South & Water Damage
Storm Damage

Winter Tornadoes in the South & Water Damage

If you were talking about tornadoes during the middle of winter any other year people would consider you crazy. However, this year weather conditions have been anything but normal and tornadoes have been the concern of several storms in the south this year. When staying alert to changing weather conditions that may lead to severe storms the first concern is always safety. It is important to take all safety procedures possible such as staying in the basement, keeping away from windows in your home as well as having emergency supplies ready.

When storms pass through we are grateful when we can avoid significant damage from tornadoes. Even when tornadoes do not touch down severe weather can still cause a lot of damage to your home. If homes are not properly secured then heavy rains can wreak havoc on your property. Such damage can come down from above with a leaky roof or up from below with a flooding basement. Before severe weather hits in your area it is important to check your home at least once a year for signs of threatening water damage. Some areas of your home to pay close attention to include the following,

  1. Before the bad weather has the chance to strike be sure to check the roof of your home. Make sure roofing tiles are accurately placed on your home to avoid leaks. If at any time during the year wreckage from a storm lands on your home such as tree branches it is important to look for possible damage. Lastly, if you have any dips in your roof where water can collect in a puddle this needs to be corrected so that it doesn’t cause rotting over time.
  2. While up on your roof checking for potential leaks it is also important to look at your gutters. Leafs and other debris can collect in your gutters over the year creating big problems. When gutters do not properly work water falls at the basin of your house instead of moving it away from the foundation. This can lead to structural damage to your home such as rotting of the wood. If gutter systems do not work properly and water collects at the bottom of the home it can also cause basement flooding. Be sure to take time to check your gutters every year. Even if gutters have a cover to keep leafs out they do not always work properly and should be checked every year.
  3. Last but not least it is important to check the basement of your home. The walls should be analyzed closely for any signs of fractures or cracks that could allow water in if bad weather brings large amounts of precipitation. If you find any damage to your basement, you can call in a water restoration specialist for an expert’s opinion.

This year weather has been completely unpredictable with tornadoes springing up during the middle of winter. Now more than ever it is important to keep yourself safe as well as keeping your home protected from the threat of water damage.

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