Avoid Apathy During Severe Storms
Storm Damage

Avoid Apathy During Severe Storms

You don’t want to blow off a severe weather event and fail to take it for the threat that it is. Severe weather can bring strong winds, damaging hail, and deadly lightning, any one of which is enough to ruin your day. You need to take the time to be aware of your surroundings, the rapidly changing weather conditions, and any threats that may be a part of the equation.  Just ignoring the storm puts you in an unnecessarily vulnerable situation.

By the same token, don’t panic. A thunderstorm isn’t always a sign to barricade yourself in the basement with enough supplies to last a decade. Rather, be ready to react as you have to, make sure the radio has fresh batteries and a few spares, and have a lantern or other light source in case the electricity goes out.

The best approach is to stay calm and alert and be ready to respond appropriately. Severe weather can in many cases be watched and even enjoyed, especially or those of us who find such events fascinating, but they can also turn in a matter of minutes, becoming a problem that presents a very real threat to life and limb.

During severe weather, remain indoors, keep away from windows, and refrain from using phones or other electronic equipment that could channel electrical currents.  Do not take a shower or bath while there is lightning outside, and refrain from doing so until a half hour has elapsed since the last lightning flash. This ensures that the storm system is far enough away that it will not present a threat.

It’s always a good idea to have supplies stocked away just in case things go south and the power goes out, or at worst, you end up without power for a period of several days.  If you are in your vehicle, remain there until the storm passes; you are perfectly insulated by four rubber tires, and as such are completely safe. Once you exit the vehicle, then all bets are off and you are placing yourself in unnecessary peril.

All to say, just exercise some common sense approaches to severe weather problems. Don’t overreact, but don’t ignore the threat.

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