Tips On Storm Preparation
Storm Damage

Tips On Storm Preparation

With severe weather season firmly underway, it becomes important to be aware of exactly what a severe storm could mean for your home or business, and take proper steps to protect your property from the damage that may occur as a result of such an eventuality. There are common side effects that can lead to serious water damage and potentially hazardous conditions.

Thunderstorms mean heavy rain, strong winds, and dangerous lightning which may cause damage to homes both inside and out, as well as presenting a clear and present danger to the physical well being of the inhabitants. Fortunately, there are steps that every homeowner can take to minimize the damage before the storm ever strikes. Proper preparations can go a long way towards maintaining the integrity of the home for as long as a storm may last.

Flooding and water damage can often be prepared for through proper drainage and waterproofing techniques. Flooding almost always begins in the basement and can ruin carpeting, furniture, and personal belongings and valuables.  Errant water may also cause mold formation is the moisture levels are not sufficiently reduced.  Property owners can defend against this by clearing gutters of any obstructions and debris, positioning downspouts to properly drain away from the home, and using a sump pump as a part of the waterproofing system for basement water removal.

Power outages are another common problem associated with severe weather. You should have candles and flashlights available (with extra batteries), and have a backup generator available to help the power kick back in once it has gone out.

Lightning strikes may cause fires, as well as electrical surges that may very well fry the circuits of any connected appliances or other devices. Use surge protectors to prevent this threat, and unplug any and all electronics when the weather situations become too serious.

You should also have the contact information for a water restoration professional such as Restoration Local who can be at your door within an hour of your call, assess your problem, and begin the water damage restoration process.  No water or flood damage problem is too big or too serious, and they will have the tools and equipment to handle whatever level of problem is affecting your property.

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