New Technology To Defend Against Severe Weather
Storm Damage

Tracking Severe Weather With A Smartphone

As severe weather season 2012 gets underway, we have already seen a number of tornadoes break out in Texas. Fortunately, no fatalities were involved (just water damage), but with the tornado activity in Alabama from last year still fresh in our minds, it is always important to be as up to date as possible when it comes to tornado threats and how to keep you and your family safe.  Fortunately, technology is staying ahead of the wave, and this year, staying out of a tornado’s way may be as simple as accessing your Smartphone. New apps, social media, and streaming capabilities are providing an extra measure of warning for those living in tornado-prone areas.

The iMap Weather Radio app is designed to send you personalized severe weather warnings and alerts as they are issued. While most other early warning apps are designed to trigger within specified parameters such as a county partially covered by a tornado warning, this new app will only notify you if you are located within the watch box. It is designed to pinpoint specific geographic areas that fall under the umbrella of watches and warnings.

Also, more and more television and radio stations are taking to Facebook and Twitter to keep listeners apprised of rapidly changing (or deteriorating) weather conditions. You may want to become a fan of the local media outlet of choice in your area in order to receive these timely updates. Between the media outlet and other friends who are also following them, it is possible to get a pretty clear picture of what is happening in a given area with regard to severe weather.

Live streams are also the most up to date method of keeping up with weather conditions. Presented in real time, unlike radar which is usually replaying the events of the last few minutes in most cases, live streaming allows you to observe weather events as they unfold, meaning that you know what is happening at any given time in a specific location. Just go to your favorite local media station on your mobile device and click on the “live streaming” icon for instant updates and information.

Severe weather events, particularly tornadoes, are extremely unpredictable, as well as fast forming….a lethal combination producing water damage and the risk of injury. By making use of every available technological application available to us, the advanced warning time for these events may be increased significantly. The more lead time you have to prepare and evacuate, the better your chances are of coming out of this type of situation in one piece.

Severe weather season 2012 is predicted to be an active one, especially coming on the heels of such an unusually warm summer. So take the time now to properly arm your Smartphone with the latest severe weather applications and programs, and stay ahead of the severe weather game.

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