Why Do Restoration Companies Need Training?
Water Damage

Why Do Restoration Companies Need Training?

When looking for someone to repair the water damage problem in your home, is it always necessary to have someone who is trained and certified?  I mean, it’s really just about wiping up some water and drying everything, right?  Well, not exactly. Water damage restoration is a fairly exact science, involving a number of steps to be taken in a predetermined order, the skipping of anyone of which may result in less than desirable circumstances.

The Clean Trust (formerly the IICRC) provides education, training, and experience in all areas of the restoration field, allowing companies to be able to handle all aspects of even the largest water damage repair and restoration projects.  The Clean Trust accredits local schools to teach these courses and provides high standards and accountability for consumers.  They also provide for continuing education as new tools and procedures come to the fore, which means certification guarantees that the company you choose will be up to date on all the latest industry innovations.

Certification means that the company will, in most cases, be available 24/7 and offer same day emergency services in many instances. This allows for prompt assessment and treatment of your property. The sooner this process begins, then the sooner the home or business is restored to its original condition.

Of course, it would be folly to assume that certification guarantees competence. Even a certified company is perfectly capable of doing a lousy job. That is the risk taken with hiring any contractor.  The key here is realizing that companies that are certified have gone to great lengths to make sure their personnel are properly trained and ready to handle your problem. This means devoting time, resources, and finances to achieve this goal. It is a standard of trust that is unmatched by most industries.

Always remember, hiring the wrong company will not only fail to solve your problem, but it might actually make it worse. Always look for the Clean Trust seal before hiring anyone to work on your property following a water damage event.

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