Your Severe Weather Survival Kit
Water Damage

Your Severe Weather Survival Kit

Okay, so your power is out and enough snow has fallen outside to effectively keep you and your family indoors for the next few days. Are you prepared? Do you have the necessary resources available and at your disposal to make your sudden incarceration a pleasant one? Having a severe weather emergency kit on hand will make life easier for all involved and make sure you come through this trial relatively unscathed.

Most people think of emergency kits only in terms of the basics like food and some bottled water, but you should be more prepared than that.  First off, have a waterproof box or bag to store all items in, and preferably one that can be moved if evacuation is an option. This kit should be put together now while there is no immediate threat.

Items in your emergency kit should include:

–          Bottled water for every family member for a period of four to five days.

–          Non-perishable food items and a can opener.

–          A hand cranked radio to allow you to remain aware of constantly changing weather conditions.

–          A flashlight with spare batteries.

–          A foil blanket and a first aid kit.

–          Garbage bags, hand sanitizers, and plastic ties to allow for proper personal hygiene.

–          A supply of dust masks to help filter any contaminated air.

–          Warm clothes and sleeping bags, enough for each person in the home.

–          A cel phone with a portable charger.

–          Any medications required  by those living in the home.

–          Any insurance papers or other important documents.

Of course this is not a one size fits all recommendation, as you will need to customize your emergency kit to reflect your family’s specific needs.  Above all else, take into consideration each family member as well as any pets that may live in the home.

As we mentioned, take the time now to assemble this kit and have it ready for when the worst does happen (which it will eventually).  Remember that even areas not known for flooding, hurricanes, etc may very well become the places that these severe weather disasters strike. Preparation is the key.

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