Commercial Water Damage
Water Damage

Commercial Water Damage

Part of the success of any business is its ability to run efficiently and unhindered every day. Unfortunately, few things can derail a business for an extended period of time quite like water or flood damage. The initial damage is bad enough, but the long-term effects can end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars over the long haul.  It, therefore, becomes important for businesses and business owners to be properly prepared for eventualities like water damage, as proper preparation will enable them to recover far more rapidly from problems such as flooding or other water problems. A fast recovery means that the business will be able to resume normal operations as soon as possible.

Proper preparation begins with knowing where the problems are most likely to occur, and this includes knowing where the water supply lines are that service the building, as well as how to cut off the water supply at the source. Routine checking of these lines is imperative, as well as making sure that the controls function correctly. Emergency tools should be kept in place with easy access by your employees, and those employees should be trained on the use of those tools as well.

You should also have a list of emergency phone numbers located in accessible areas throughout the office. This includes numbers for the fire department, emergency response such as ambulance and police, as well as the contact information for your local commercial damage repair and restoration company. The restoration process should always begin as soon as possible following any case of flooding or other issues, and for this reason alone you should already know who you are going to call to take care of the problem before it has a chance to do long-term damage.

Much is made of the importance of a quick response to water damage, and for good reason. A rapid response to the problem is absolutely key to reducing the level of damage, preventing mold and mildew growth, and allowing the damage to be repaired and get the business back to a normal schedule of operations in as little time as possible. Containing the damage and beginning the restoration process also means more items may be salvaged and fewer products will need to be replaced as a result. A rapid response also cuts down on the likelihood of mold problems, the remediation of which can easily cause the cost of the restoration procedure to skyrocket.

The effects of commercial water damage often present themselves like ripples in a pool, spreading ever farther with the passage of time.  Time is crucial in these cases, since disruption of company operations translates into loss of production and / or sales. This problem worsens almost exponentially with every day that production is down. This means that customer satisfaction is affected, and with enough down time, clients may take their business elsewhere. If your business offers a service instead of a product, and your ability to provide that service is curtailed, the inability to rapidly rebound following commercial water damage may means a higher number of contracts not being renewed.  Production or service delays that are caused to your clients ultimately translates into a financial loss for them as well.

The recovery process following floods or water damage is multileveled, and may include not only the evaluation of the overall level of commercial water damage, providing immediate repair and restoration of the damaged area, even the relocation of the business if the damage is impossible or more costly to repair. There is also the matter of renovations to the property to hopefully prevent the same thing from happening again, replacing and stocking damaged inventory, and maintaining a level of communication with the clients. Businesses should have a continuity plan in place to make sure that production and service experience a minimum of interruption in the event of a water problem.

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