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Tear Gas Removal

Tear gas, or riot gas, is often used by law enforcement officials to defuse dangerous situations. Despite the name, tear gas is not always completely gaseous. Some formulas include very fine powders that can coat every surface and sometimes include solvents or oils to ensure that the tear gas has the maximum intended effect.

When deployed in an enclosed space, tear gas does not dissipate like most gases. Instead, it leaves residue in the immediate area. Without proper cleanup, tear gas will continue to affect anyone in the area.

Risk of Riot or Tear Gas Exposure

Exposure to tear gas can cause irritated eyes and nostrils, chemical burns, and respiratory problems including coughing and shortness of breath. Long-term tear gas exposure can cause lung problems, heart disease, and even death. Because of the components used in riot gas, it is extremely easy for tear gas to spread. This is especially true if it enters the HVAC system.

Tear Gas Removal and Cleanup

Since it can spread easily, removing tear gas requires attention to detail. This includes turning off HVAC systems, as well as covering vents. In each affected room, our tear gas cleanup and removal contractors will remove and dispose of any carpeting, upholstery and other porous materials as tear gas cannot be cleaned away from these materials.

Next, they will use specialized HEPA vacuums to remove every trace of powder residue remaining within the room. Using proprietary cleaning products, they will wipe down nonporous surfaces exposed to tear gas. Our contractors will repeat these steps for every affected room as many times as necessary, saving the HVAC system for last.

Call Now for Tear Gas Cleanup Services

Tear gas can be extremely pervasive, causing lasting health issues if not properly addressed. Our professional cleanup teams are experienced in removing and sanitizing after an incident involving tear gas.

In addition to tear gas removal and cleanup, we also offer other biohazard cleanup services, including drug lab removal, suicide scene cleanup, infectious waste removal, and unattended death cleanup.

Let our compassionate and dependable restoration specialists give you peace of mind in an emergency. Call 1-888-443-3110 now for a free, no-obligation estimate. We always offer 24-hour emergency service and a 30-minute response time.

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