What is Crime Scene Cleanup: Who to Call for Crime Scene Cleanup and Who Pays for Crime Scene Cleanup

It’s hard to know who to call and what to do in the aftermath of a violent crime. In addition to the trauma of the crime itself, there are health risks associated with blood and other bodily fluids. Crime scene cleanup services ensure your home or business is safe without the risk of spreading or contracting diseases during the process. We cover who to call for crime scene cleanup services as well as the basics of the cleanup procedure. Plus, we answer the most important question, who pays for crime scene cleanup.

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What is Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleanup is the safe removal of blood and biohazards in the aftermath of a violent crime. Unfortunately, it is impractical to disinfect furniture, carpeting, and other building materials saturated with blood or other bodily fluids. Next, they dispose of contaminated materials according to local regulations. Then the contractor disinfects the area to keep your family and pets safe. Finally, they restore your home or business to the original state.

What Types of Crimes Require Crime Scene Cleanup Services?

Most crimes are traumatic, but non-violent crimes do not require specialized cleanup to prevent the spread of biohazards. However, crime scene cleanup services are specifically for situations where someone was severely,  or even fatally, injured. The scene will have a significant amount of blood or other bodily fluids, possibly saturating furniture, bedding, or carpeting.

Why You Shouldn’t Clean Up a Crime Scene Yourself

You should never clean up a crime scene yourself because of the health risks. Blood, bodily fluids, tissue, and materials contaminated by them may carry pathogens and diseases. Even with gloves and masks, the risk of spreading or infecting yourself is high. Common contaminants include hepatitis, HIV, and MRSA. However, you may contract or spread any bloodborne pathogen.

Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Although every situation is different, these same basic crime scene cleanup services apply.

1. Assessment of the Crime Scene

Your biohazard contractor will begin by assessing the scene and determine a plan for the safe removal of contaminated materials. Every scene is different, so the exact process will vary. Normally, they consider the extent of the damage. Then they decide on the safest way to proceed with crime scene cleanup services.

2. Safety Protocols

The next step is to put safety protocols in place to prevent the spread of biohazards during the removal and disposal process. The path from the outside to the scene is protected throughout crime scene cleanup services. A barrier of plastic sheeting and bio-tape protects uncontaminated areas. The cleanup team wears personal protective equipment as well.

3. Disposal of Contaminated Materials

Then they remove materials saturated with biohazards from the scene. Most commonly this includes furniture, bedding, carpeting, wallpaper, and even drywall. However, it may also include clothing and other household fabrics. These items removed or even cut out to ensure there are no lasting contaminations.

4. Biohazard Disinfection and Deodorizing

Then they use a multistep cleaning and disinfecting process to treat the remaining items and surfaces. Although there are a number of cleaning chemicals and application processes, commercial or hospital-grade disinfectants are sprayed throughout the affected rooms in most crime scene cleanup services. Smells may develop over time, so they use deodorizers as well.

5. Removal Path Cleanup

Once the scene of the crime is completely cleaned and disinfected, the plastic barrier and removal path needs to be removed to prevent contamination. They disinfect and systematically remove the barrier for your safety.

6. Safe Disposal and Breakdown

All biohazard materials are removed from the premises and properly disposed of according to local regulations. They clean, disinfect, and load remaining biohazard cleanup equipment on to the contractor’s truck.

7. Restoration and Reconstruction

Depending on the extent of the damage and how invasive the cleanup process was, reconstruction may be necessary. This usually includes laying new carpeting, hanging drywall, and painting. Your contractor will outline what is necessary before beginning work.

Who to Call for Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Crime scene cleanup services are provided by biohazard cleanup companies. The safe remove blood or other biohazards requires special training and equipment that normal cleaning companies do not have. Biohazard companies provide fast and discrete crime scene cleanup services to help restore your home or business in the aftermath of a crime.

Who Pays for Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Your insurance usually covers the cost of crime scene cleanup services. However, review your policy for details and specifically look for biohazard cleanup coverage. You can also contact your insurance agent or adjuster for more information. If your insurance will not cover the cost, most biohazard cleanup contractors accept a wide variety of payment options or will even arrange a payment plan.

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